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At a glance, the key conclusions from the documentary contributors. Discover their vision of what the future will look like in this ever-changing world.


Professor of the History of Journalism at Carlos III University of Madrid

In a globalised world, borders are defined, for the most part, by which languages are spoken where.

Juanjo Satacana

Deputy Director at El Economista

The new frontiers are infinite.

Carlos Córdoba

Editor-in-Chief of El País Multimedia

Geographical frontiers have faded away thanks to the sharing of information through social media and shared language.

María Victoria de Rojas

Editor of Ejecutivos Magazine

The online world has broken down so many barriers, not only in communication.

Jota Linares

Film Director and Producer

For me, emotion and truth must always be the priority. Without emotion there is nothing.

Karen Davies

Communications Manager at Friends of Glass

Storytelling allows us to connect with the real lives of consumers, with their reality. 

Inés Fonseca

Marketing Manager at J&B Southern Europe

Excitement about something in the restaurant industry won’t happen without good reason. If a product isn’t good, it won’t grab your attention.

Didier Lagae

CEO and Founder at MARCO

70% of consumers are prepared to pay more, as long as the company behind the brand is responsible.

Miguel López - Quesada

President at DIRCOM

Companies should serve a purpose beyond their own business interests. They should have a wider impact on society.

Xabier Olazabal

CEO of Publicis Communications Spain

It seems that PR agencies and PR strategies are the tools of communications directors.

Carmen Bejerano

Editor-in-Chief of

The relationship between the media and the agency should be a little like the relationship between a couple.

Jordi Monroig

Leading Brands Marketing Director (Louis Roederer y Domaines Ott)

I believe that there is a definitive before and after when it comes to both online commerce and remote working.

Lara Vadillo

Director of Communications and Public Relations at Grupo DIA

The brand has never been at the forefront. It is people who are the most important. Our people.

Lourdes Ripoll

Vice President CSR at Meliá Hotels International

The ‘new normal’ and the COVID-19 pandemic mean that we must rethink some of the ways we do business.

David Campano

Country Manager at Visit Finland

We must guarantee to all future travellers and visitors that Finland is a safe destination.

Elisenda Picola

Marketing Director at Kraft-Heinz

We have to work on communications plans that are relevant to the consumer.

Silvia Durán

Foodservice Manager at Danone

What people ultimately want is information based on the organisation’s authentic identity.

Gabriela Ermini

Head of Marketing at Udemy Brasil

We understand that people feel insecure, they are afraid of losing their jobs, that they lack control over their professional life.

Álvaro Rodríguez

Head of Public Affairs and Brand at Ferrovial / Spanish General Coordinator at The Climate Reality Project Europe

We are simultaneously experiencing three crises: health, economic and environmental.

Valentín Alfaya

Sustainability Director at Ferrovial

There is a risk that those who can will choose private transport for fear of being infected using public transport.

Cristina Moreno

Head of Public Affairs and Corporate Communication at APROCTA

We really need a social consciousness and in Spain, (...)  this is part of the work of institutions.

Nieves Cifuentes

Environment and Sustainability Corporate Director at Naturgy

The way out of COVID crisis is going to be green.

Rodrigo Villamizar

Ambassador and Former Minister of Energy and Mining of Colombia Head of Strategy at Kaiserwetter

The greatest problem we face is climate change and the only way to solve it is through technology and clean energy.

Fernando García

Marketing Director at Julián Martín

In the end what has worked, I think, is the brand. Through being a recognized brand in the sector, people have looked to us.

FONDO_AZUL WEB_Mesa de trabajo 1 copia 2


The New Communication Frontiers is the application of the TFCOM ® (Transcending Frontiers in Communication) theory to help communication professionals improve their  organisations’ reputation and brand.

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